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PRICE: $750,000

A group of men wanted to build a copy of the famous "Black Pearl", not only as it used to look but also with the same materials and in the same place where this famous ship was built 338 years ago! The wood used included the Santa Maria wood for the frame and the Pine for the sheathing. The Black Pearl was constructed according to a primitive drawing by one of the sea robbers, who was sailing this ship. A lot of time was spent drawing and designing the ship, constructing and paying attention to all the details to preserve the original look of the vessel.

This ship will hold a capacity of 70 tourists and 8 crew members who can live aboard comfortably. The ship has 2 cabins with a bathroom and a toilet, two other smaller cabins and a cabin for a crew. It also has an equipped kitchen which is located in the bow. The ship also offers 2 public toilets for men and women.

This ship has 5 huge canvases and is 27 meters long and 7 meters wide. A main pole is 25 meters high and a standby pole is 18 meters high. The ship has 3 decks and an underdeck. We believe that you will be as enthusiastic as we are after seeing this new pearl of the Caribbean Sea!

Black Pearl Pirate Ship
Details include 6 bronze functional canons, handmade canvases and ropes, and also the sheathing impregnated by hot blood from oxen.

Black Pearl
"The ship of a famous sea robber"
the Black Pearl
Henry Morgan was born in Welse in 1635. A sailor and a soldier, who served under the British Crown, became one of the most famous sea robbers of all time. At first he was a slave on the Barbados, then he went to Port Royal where he bought a leadership of the ship called Ganymed. Later when he was under the Lord Christopher Myngse“s command he took part in a foray with his ship and connected two highly valuable points in the Caribbean Sea, Truhia and Grenada, to the British Crown. He received attention of generals, common sailors and soldiers and respect of all captains in the Caribbean Sea thanks to his skills, cleverness and brightness. Afterwards he gave rise to Liberty Brotherhood and finally also to his own republic of the sea robbers. In 1667 Henry Morgan decided to build pride of his fleet, the Black Pearl. It was his flag-ship, where he spent his all free time and from where he operated all of his robber's actions, legal sea fights under the British flag and even wild inordinate drunks. He could make the best of the hostility between the Spaniards and the British. As he still ploughed the sea between Jamaica and Panama, he decided to build his ship on the Honduras coast, i.e. approximately halfway to the present town of La Cieba. It was very close to his favorite Roatan Island, where he often anchored, rested with his crew and repaired ships damaged in fights. Since the island was surrounded with a coral cliff being highly dangerous for ships, any ship of his chasers did not risk getting to Morgan. At present his favorite place on the Roatan Island is called Port Royal like the famous pirate town in Jamaica. It lies on the east part of the island in the direction to the Honduras coast. The Black Pearl was floated in 1669. This ship took part in many fights and robberies; the biggest one was an invasion in Panama in 1671. One year later, Morgan was put in prison in England. He, however, proved his innocence in a plot and was finally promoted to a noble status in 1674. Later he returned to the Jamaica as its governor and the main judge. Henry Morgan died after long illness in England in 1688.
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Length: 90',  Beam: 24',  Draft: 8', Decks: 3

Cabins: 2 luxury with showers and bathrooms and 1 for crew that sleeps 20 people and an additional 30 in hammocks.

Waste water: 1000 liters/264 gallons/special waste pump

Usable water: 7000 liters /1891 gallons/pump

Three emergency water pumps/5000 liters per hour

Three masts, five huge sails, 6 cannons, kitchen, 4 bathrooms.
Protected "bad weather" area on second deck.

Engine: Rebuilt 671 Detroit Diesel 6-cyl with Allison transmission 3:1, new
shaft and new 4-blade propeller, & 200 gallon fuel tank.

The Black Pearl is located in Honduras. This is an excellent vessel to use for tourist attractions, schools, private party rentals, special occasions, youth groups, sailing clubs, and more, in an industry with very little competition.

Pirate Ship for Sale

bronze pirate ship cannons
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